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It is time to individually and collectively hold ourselves to a higher standard.


About Me

Amama Mbabazi, S.C. (born: John Patrick Mbabazi; alias: Ahmed Mbayo, Dr. Karyaburo) was the 10th Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda and a founder of the National Resistance Movement (political sibling to the National Resistance Army that came to power in 1986). He has served as its Secretary General from 2005, when the National Delegates Conference of the NRM party elected him with a 70% majority. His second and final term, which began in 2011, will be completed in 2016.
He has served in government since 1986 in various capacities beginning as Director General of ESO (1986-1992). He held three major ministerial posts as Minister of Security (2006-2011), Minister of Defence (2001-2006) and Attorney General (2004-2005), holding the latter two positions at the same time and earning him the epithet “Super Minister”. He currently serves as the Member of Parliament for Kinkizi West, a position he has occupied since 1996.
A graduate of Makerere University and lawyer by profession, Amama was secretary of the Uganda Law Council (1977-1978) and later a partner in the law firm, Kategaya, Mbabazi and Tumwesigye, Advocates (1981). He was among those that assisted in the drawing up of the fourth constitution of the Republic of Uganda, adopted in 1995.

What I stand for

I believe that Ugandans have the right to expect certain things: like a real democracy, and not one in name only, where institutions work and where their autonomy matters; the right to expect government by reason and rule of law and not government by the whims of individuals.

My family

Married 4th January, 1974 to Jacqueline Susan Komushana Mbabazi

Amama Mbabazi

John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, SC (simply known as Amama Mbabazi, born 16 January 1949) is a Ugandan politician who served as the Prime Minister of Uganda

Jacqueline Mbabazi

Jacqueline Susan Ruhindi Mbabazi (born 18 August 1954) is a Ugandan educator, politician and businesswoman.

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